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The Aqua Hotel is ideally anchored in the heart of South Beach. Within a walking distance of the ocean, Miami’s best restaurants and most exclusive clubs; Aqua has your ticket to Miami’s best.

With its rich cultural heritage, Miami’s South Beach area has an ongoing calendar of events from sunrise to sunset –and back to sunrise. All within reach from our modern and comfortable amenities.

What to do while vacationing in Miami Beach....

• Indulge in SoBe’s restaurants and outdoor cafés, with a unique and international flair that tempts any palate.

• South Beach is the place to be, offering both outdoors and indoor activities that please anybody. The voyagers can enjoy of a day practicing golf, scuba-diving, fishing, and snorkeling…while the indoor types can enjoy of our relaxing sundeck or inner patio.

• Don’t stop only at South Beach best clubs and nightlife events, venture yourself to enjoy the myriad art and cultural events in the Art and Deco district itself.

• Aqua Hotel offers the best of both worlds by providing an easy lifestyle in a fast-paced area with the opportunity of avoiding Miami’s heavy traffic. Don’t waste daytime and rent a Deco bike to exercise, run errands, or to know SoBe. Deco Bikes has plenty of convenient pick up/drop off stations all around South Beach. Click on this link to find the Deco Bike station near us

• Complete your Miami escape with some serious shopping in South Beach’s high-end boutiques, stores, and Lincoln Rd. Mall. Aqua’s convenient location will make it easy for you to shop ‘till you drop.